Friday, February 11, 2011

The Raid.....

BWD, BoT, and TotFW all of the places people want to be and want to receive presents from. We all find the drive, the prize is what drives us, the sound of bosses hitting the floor is what helps us push on. But when we grow tired of it where should we turn? If raiding gets to be more of a chore, what do you do to find the fire that once drove you to throw yourself again and again at a boss that you had no business trying?

Sadly for me the answer to these questions find me turning away from the game. While I enjoy the company of my friends and fellow raiders, some of the dealings have begun to drain my drive for progression.

So what little things do you do to keep that fire alive?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Can't contain the Lowlbeast...

While I always try to kick ass and take names, like any good dps, it has not always been this way for Critchickens. Laughed at for nearly three expansions, only truly coming into our own as a viable hybrid dps in Wrath. Now I know there were the few in BC that made it through but as a whole we were laughed out of 5 mans and raids. I only had a spot in guild because I was the master respecer. There were days I respec'd 3 times to help out guildies. My personal record was 6 respecs in a day, and I was every spec twice. So thank you Blizz for finally getting something right and giving us duel-spec... but by God what I wouldn't give for a third and fourth spec. Now if only they'd make it so i could change how Moonkin Form looks by changing my hair color like cat and bear. Okay enough bitching from me.

Everytime I try to do something different I always come back to the featherball spec. I can't get enough, even if I can't out dps a tank I love it. Blizz got their claws into my head and heart and now I'm stuck. My hatred for healing is well known by my friends and guildies, they know I will bend over backwards, tank in crappy gear, heal from my balance spec when the healer dies, but my role will never be healer again. But I rolled two other toons and had them maxed in WotLK and they are now maxed in Cata, and much to my surprise they are both melee classes, a Rogue (because for some damned reason I can't kill a rogue to save my life) and a Death Knight (yes I play the class for 13 year olds, but he's a NE so he's a mature 13 yr old, not a 7 yr old Worgen) and how I love them both. But neither compare to my Thunderclucker in sheer excitement.

What class has got you by the nose?


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My history...

If you haven't picked it up, I'm a Moonkin, spell dps is the way I like to do things, and I'm and agro whore. From day 1 I was that noob dps that tanks hated because I didn't wait for sunders I just threw bombs and watched pretty numbers. Once I found a guild at 60 and we started raid the current content (Molten Core) I found that not waiting for sunders got you dead, scolded, and laughed at quickly, after the first raid I was told to heal... this is where my hate for healing comes. Don't get me wrong I love my healers and love when I'm kept alive, but it is not the job I want in a raid. Enter BWL (Blackwing Lair) for some odd reason we gained healers and lost dps, I was asked to use my spec, which I never changed, to blow things up. Now if any of you have ever been inside BWL and down more than 3 bosses, you know the trash after Broodlord has the wonderful thought to go weak to a single school of magic and resistant to the rest. Arcane and Nature where mine to command, no tank could keep threat once I opened up on the target, which I soon died from tanking while I tried my hardest to kill before being killed, I usually didn't last long but I had a blast. BWL is where my vanilla raid days ended, my guild broke up our second night into AQ 40 and the Burning Crusade was knocking on our doorstep. After a break from WoW required by RL I returned the Oomkin it up for BC didn't make much progress but I server transfered because of more RL requirements and landed on Muradin where I met Janyaa, a firecracker of a paladin in another guild. We met while running 5 mans and was pulled into a few of her guild runs because mine was not as progressed but for some reason she thought I was a good dps, boy did I have her fooled. Then WotLK came out, and I was itching to kill that bastard Arthas from WCIII. My only goal was to get Kingslayer and I tried my hardest. My guild was not making good progress and RL reared it's ugly head again and I ended up joining Janyaa's guild, we pushed, we tried, but the guild died, it was a sad thing to see, but I followed that crazy paladin that can't dps her way out of a wet paper bag to another guild, which I'm still a part of Jubilance, and boy was it great, they had a 25 man raid that was running for LK. We bled, we died, we tried again, and conquered 10 and 25 man LK and it was great, awesome people and good loot were everywhere.

Now Cata hits and there are coming and goings and my heart sinks at the thoughts of people who I enjoy feeling excluded and cast aside, but that happens in any expansion. If you decide to check out Janyaa's blog ( you can see some of the hardships we have dealt with, along with her spin on things.

More to follow...

They made me do it.....

So, a few of my guildies are making a huge fuss over this blog thing. I'm not too sure what it's all about but I'm gonna give it a try. So if you want to point blame then you can thank Janyaa at, Pixelated at, and Morituri at

So a little bit about myself: I've had the pleasure of playing WoW for almost six years now, I've only played on two realms Sargeras (where PvP rocks) and Muradin, where I have had the privilege of meeting the three culprits I named above as the catalyst for this. I've been a druid since Day 1 and a Thunderclucker (Moonkin) before it was even in our talent tree. I've held nicknames such as: Chicken, GDI Ioncannon, and Lowlbeast because of my spec, and I don't care if I have to retire my toon because Blizzard messes things up Talasmirin is never going to be anything but Balance for her primary spec.

So the blogosphere has a new contender, FEAR ME!!!!!!!!!! or just laugh at me, I don't care.

See you around.